Bicycle Hire for Cycle Touring in Hokkaido

Posted on Aug 1, 2018

Posted on Aug 1, 2018
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For bicycle hire in Hokkaido, you’ll generally pay around 1,500yen to 5,000yen a day for a bike suited to cycle touring (prices per day are cheaper the longer you rent for). Here, we list a few options we've heard about over the years for hiring cycle-touring specific bikes in Hokkaido. Regardless of who you hire from, it is always best to try to book in advance. The Niseko-based providers are located in Niseko Town, accessible by bus from New Chitose Airport (approx. 2.5hrs) or Sapporo by train or bus (about 2.5hrs).

Last updated Nov 4, 2018

  • Spark Cycling (Sapporo City) – These guys should be your first-stop when looking for a bike for touring in Hokkaido. They offer service in English, their bikes are super good value, and have racks, panniers…everything you need for cycle tour | Link | Location
  • Nakamura Cycles (Sapporo City) – Also good value bicycle hire in Hokkaido. But booking is in Japanese only. Bikes must be booked at least a week in advance | Link (Japanese only) | Location
  • Rhythm Cycles (Niseko) – Link | Location
  • Groove Cycles (Niseko) – Link | Location | Recommended cycle routes | Note: Groove Cycles works in conjunction with Rhythm Cycles, apparently.
  • The Bicycle Corner (Niseko) – Link
  • Cycle Japan (Furano) – If you’re after a road bike, then these guys should be able to help | Link
Winter cycling along Ishikari Beach, near Sapporo, Japan
Winter cycling along Ishikari Beach, near Sapporo, Japan

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