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Hokkaido is Japan’s northern-most island and largest prefecture. Far, far away from the madding crowds of more southern climes, Hokkaido lives up to it’s frontier roots. Wild forests, long, wide open roads. Capes and offshore islands that feel like the end of the world. Almost half of the year, Hokkaido slips into a beautiful, deep winter slumber (with its own joys). During the summer months, from around the end of May till the beginning of November, the island becomes a mecca for cycle tourists wanting to get off the beaten track in Japan.

Featured Routes


510km | ↑ 4,600m | 7-13 days

Highlights: Rishiri and Rebun Islands, Wakkanai, Japan’s northern-most point.


350km | ↑ 4,110m | 5-7 days

Highlights: Shiretoko National Park (World Heritage Site), Five Lakes area, Shiretoko Pass, Lake Kussharo.


635km | ↑ 7,250m | 10-15 days

Highlights: Cape Kiritappu, Kushiro Wetlands, re-crested cranes, Tokachi Plains, Hidaka mountains.


400km | ↑ 3,500m | 5-10 days

Highlights: Okushiri Island (tsunami history), Matsumae (settlement history), Hakodate City.


330km | ↑ 4,300m | 4-8 days

Highlights: Ocean swimming, seaside campgrounds, Niseko hotsprings, Mt. Yotei, Lake Toya.


540km | ↑ 8,417m | 7-8 days

Highlights: Wilds rivers, Daisetsu mountain range, gravel roads, Shikaribetsu Gorge wild onsen.

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