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Posted on Jan 14, 2022
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Posted on Jan 14, 2022
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Want to help out financially? Here's how you can do that. (Jump to the Wishlist→). 日本語はこちら

What Contributors Get

Contributors to are all recognised in our list of contributors, here. There are a number of contributors to besides the core author team. Their input and help has made what it is today. If you’re keen to contribute to in a meaningful way (either with expertise, gear, time, donations etc), we’d be delighted to add you to our list of awesome contributors.

How You Can Help

We accept donations of gear (e.g., two brand new Novacraft Prospector 16 canoes from Canoa in 2019 – thank you!). Note however our stance on sponsorship at the end of the page here. We can’t guarantee any reviews or special content relating to gear. We do that from time to time, and enjoy creating content like that, but sadly time is limited.

As an unincorporated voluntary association (任意団体 nin-i-dantai – our charter here), can accept monetary donations. They’re not taxable at our end, but they’re not tax-deductible at the donator’s end either, so keep that in mind. There are a couple of ways you can make donations.

1) To our Japan Post Bank account

Bank name: Japan Post Bank (ゆうちょ銀行)
Branch name/number: 908 (九〇八)
Account type: futsu-yokin (普通預金)
Account number: 4422102
Account code (記号): 19060
Account holder name: ホッカイドウワイルズドットオーアールジー (this is literally in katakana)

2) To our PayPal
Just access and make your donation.

NOTE: If you have another way you’d like to donate, please let rob know ([email protected] or Facebook or Instagram).


Here’s a current (as of Jan 2022) list of bits and pieces we’d love support for. Get a hold of Rob ([email protected] or Facebook or Instagram) to discuss.


In early January 2022, we announced our plans to document a number of top sea kayaking areas around Hokkaido between 2022 and 2024. Here’s what we need for that Hokkaido Sea Kayaking Documentation Project.

  • Funding for four quality sea kayaks
    • In late January, we’ll be going to Honshu by ferry to pick up three of the four kayaks. This equals 615,000yen out of pocket for Rob and Haidee as of Jan 2022. We’re seeking donations to recoup some of that cost.
      • New P&H Scorpio MK2 MV x 1 (230,000yen)
      • Second hand Aquarius Sea Lion HV x 1 (100,000yen)
      • Ex-demo low volume Vogue Evo Expedition x 1 (160,000yen).
      • Transport to Hokkaido: 125,000yen. The three kayaks above are in the Kansai area, so we’ll be heading down by ferry  in late January 2022 to pick them up. Breakdown of costs: 85,000yen return on ferry with the car + 40,000yen fuel/expressway fees for seller of second hand kayaks (he’s in Tokyo).
    • We still need to find one more low volume kayak…options in Hokkaido are scarce, so we may need to do another run down to Honshu.
  • Main kayak paddles x 4 (57,200yen each)
  • Spare kayak paddles x 4 (20,000yen each)
  • Spray skirts x 4 (20,000yen each)
  • Paddle float x 4 (6,633yen each)
  • Bilge pump x 3 (3,919yen each)
  • Paddle leashes x 4 (5,720yen each)
  • Kayak towlines x 2 (15,586yen each)
  • ACR ResqLink+ PLB x 3 (50,600yen each)
  • Silva 70P Deck Compass x 2 (15,658yen each)


Gear breaks or needs updating. Here’s some things we’re looking to get a hold of ASAP. You can see many of these on our wishlist here.

Our Stance on Sponsorship

All the authors at are normal people with busy day jobs. Therefore, when we commit our spare time towards producing content for, we want every second of that time to directly correlate with quality, useful, real-world value content output. We don’t want to spend our time chasing funds, managing advertising, or fulfilling sponsorship obligations and commitments. Therefore, we gratefully accept offers of support, but on the understanding that any “return-on-investment” is largely ‘contribution to English-language information about the Hokkaido outdoors‘. We simply don’t have time for anything else (such as published reviews etc).

Operation Costs

Currently as an association, we mainly declare costs relating to the running of the website. You can take a look at the costs we currently declare as an unincorporated voluntary association (see our charter here) in our financials here, in our annual reports: 2019 | 2019 (adjustment) | 2020.

As of yet, we don’t declare costs related to the actual documentation of routes: transport, fuel costs, food, accommodation, time, labour, equipment etc.

Current Sources of Funds

For details on current sources of funds, you can take a look at our financials here, in our annual reports: 2019 | 2019 (adjustment) | 2020

There, you’ll see that so far, all of our operating expenses (around US$1000 to $2000 per year, depending on how many camera lenses we break) are funded through ‘donations’ by me (Rob), and Haidee. Thankfully,we’re able to make these donations out of various fees paid to us by local organizations keen to hear our opinions on Hokkaido tourism products and services (i.e., “monitor tour” income), organizations keen to hear us speak about the Hokkaido outdoors (i.e., speaker fees), and through a small income from me being a steering committee member at the Hokkaido Outdoor Forum. We’re happy to donate these funds because they’re the result of opportunities stemming not only from the effort Haidee and I put into the site, but also the effort that other authors on the site put in.

We do, however, try to avoid monitor tours, unless they also allow us to gather content for (e.g. this trip in Daisetsuzan last year). While the income is welcome, they do cut into precious time where we could be hiking, paddling, skiing, or cycling.

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