Hokkaido Hiking

Hokkaido Hiking: A free Resource (BETA)

GPS route maps, downloadable GPS route files, photos, and more. A repository of open-source Hokkaido hiking route information in English. 

Hokkaido is home to some of Japan’s most remote and rugged outdoor playgrounds. Things are big here. Mountains. Valleys. Plains. Capes and coasts. They’re grand and endless. Summer is most popular for hiking, but don’t shun winter either if you are well-prepared (see the winter offerings here). What Hokkaido’s mountains lack in altitude, they make up for with an off-the-beaten-track atmosphere.

NOTE: This resource is a work in progress. For a more thorough selection of Hokkaido hiking route inspiration (both summer and winter), check out Mountains of HokkaidoLeon Roode’s reports hereHokkaido Hiking Logs here and Hiking in Japan’s posts here.

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