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Hiking Mt. Muroran (Hokkaido, Japan)

Mt. Muroran Loop Hike

Mt. Teine dayhike (Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan)

Mt. Teine Dayhike (Sapporo City)

Mt. Shakotan Hiking (Hokkaido, Japan)

Mt. Shakotan and Shakotan Hut Hiking

Mt. Kamuishiri Day Hike (Hokkaido, Japan)

Mt. Kamuishiri-yama Day Hike

Nopporo Forest snowshoeing birdwatching in Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan

Nopporo Forest Park Snowshoe Birdwatching

Snowshoeing up Mt. Neopara near Teine in Sapporo City, Japan

Mt. Teine-Neopara by Snowshoe

Snowshoeing along the Chitose River in Hokkaido, Japan

Chitose River Urban Snowshoeing

Hangetsu Lake snowshoeing (Hokkaido, Japan)

Hangetsu Lake Circuit in Winter

Cycling to Mt. Tarumae

Mt. Tarumae

Mt. Haruka and Ginreiso Hut Hiking (Hokkaido, Japan)

Ginreiso Mountain Hut Spring Overnight Hike

Jozankei Nature Village in Winter

Jozankei Nature Village in Winter

Mt. Shioya-Maruyama dayhike

Mt. Shioya-Maruyama