A List of Bicycle Shops in Chitose City

Posted on Apr 22, 2016
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Posted on Apr 22, 2016
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When cycle tourists enter or leave Hokkaido, they will often fly in or out of New Chitose Airport (Sapporo Airport). This means that many a cycle tourist finds themselves needing a bike box in Chitose City in order to pack their bike up before checking it in as luggage. This also means that I occasionally I get questions from cyclists and cycle tourists about where they might find bike boxes in Chitose.

Last updated Oct 14, 2018

In order to not repeat myself too much, below is a list of bike shops in Chitose City that periodically have old bike boxes lying around that they will be happy to give to cyclists. Generally, expect bike boxes that measure around 130cm in length, 80cm in height, and 30-40cm in width. Larger boxes are difficult to find in Chitose, so you may need to dismantle your bike a little more than usual

Cycle Shops in Chitose

P.S., I wish that the featured image above was a bike store in Chitose. Alas, it is not. It is the drool-worthy Blue Lug Cycle Store in Tokyo.

NOTE: Just as an aside, if you’re looking for repairs or parts for a typical cycle touring bicycle, none of these bike shops in Chitose really cater to anything higher than low- to mid-range bicycles. Head to one of the following bike stores in Sapporo for higher-end/common touring bicycle parts and service.

Cycle Shops in Sapporo catering to cycle tourists

For bike shops in Sapporo that cater to cycle touring and bikepacking people, see our post here.

Sarah Outen's Santos touring bicycle worked on by Sam's Bike in Sapporo, Japan

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19 thoughts on “A List of Bicycle Shops in Chitose City”

  1. Hello,

    I’m looking for a bike shop in Hokkaido that can service Campagnolo Record cassette. I think the cassette body is coming loose.
    I’m guessing any decent shop could do it, but if there is one that is familiar with Campy that would probably be better. I will probably end up giving Sam’s Bikes a call. Or maybe there is somewhere I could rent an 11 speed record or dura ace wheel?

    Thanks to anyone who has a suggestion!

  2. Great information. Thank you. We arrive in Japan next week, visiting ehime. Then heading north probably by train and flying out of Sapporo early aug. Any hints on train travel.

  3. You are awesome! Thank you for such a great resource. We’re flying out from Sapporoin two days, and are starting our bike box hunt today.

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