How to Contribute to The Hokkaido Wilds

Posted on Aug 1, 2018

Posted on Aug 1, 2018

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Do you have an awesome Hokkaido ski touring, cycle touring (or bikepacking), or hiking route that you'd like to share, plus some informative and inspiring images to go with it? If so, let us know below. There is a real depth to Hokkaido's outdoor playground. Collectively, those of us who spend time in that playground have a huge breadth of experience in it. Now that The Hokkaido Wilds website is up and running, we want to offer the opportunity for others to contribute some of that experience to the Internets. We're looking first and foremost for text and images - if need be, Rob at The Hokkaido Wilds can provide the nitty-gritty details like trailhead locations, GPS files, map references and hut details etc.

Last updated Nov 4, 2018

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Thanks for your interest in contributing to The Hokkaido Wilds. We only just recently launched the site (November 2018), so once the dust has settled, we’ll consider opening things up for contributions from individuals, guides, and companies. 

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    1. Hi Ryan, thank you for the message. I took a quick look at your website and travels – impressive! We’ve got Rick working on writing up hikes at the moment, so he will likely have most of Daisetsuzan covered, as far as route guides go. We’re always looking for non-route guide informational posts about Hokkaido though ( A recent example would be Rick’s summary of the Tomuraushi Incident ( I’ll shoot you an email.

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