Rishiri Green Hill Inn Hostel

Hut fees to be paid
Has stove/heating
Has water source
Has full kitchen
Has full bedding
Has toilets
Hutkeeper present
Mobile reception
Accessible by bicycle

Posted on Mar 27, 2019
23 2

Posted on Mar 27, 2019

23 2
The Rishiri Green Hill Inn Hostel (利尻ぐりーんひるinn) is a skier's dream come true on Rishiri Island. With epic, unobstructed views of Rishiri-zan, ski-in and ski-out access to the mountain, easy access to stores for self-catering, a beautiful wood stove in the common dining area, plus the cheapest per-night cost on the island in winter, it is the best wallet-friendly base (besides free-camping in the snow near the onsen) for self-guided exploration of Rishiri Island in most seasons. Officially, the hostel is closed during the deep-winter months between November and February, but the hostel is open to inquiries during the 'off' season also.

Last updated Apr 1, 2019


This skier’s dream of a hostel is located here, about 1.8km west of the Rishiri Island Oshidomari ferry terminal, on the northern side of Rishiri Island. It is about 3 minutes walk from the nearest well-stocked convenience store, and 15 minutes walk from fresh seafood restaurants and izakaya.

General notes

This hostel is not a mountain hut, but it’s the only self-catering, low-price accommodation available on Rishiri Island in the winter months, and it is in a true ski-in, ski-out location for skiing Rishiri-zan’s northern slopes and gullies. It is about 1km as the crow flies to the Rishiri Onsen, which is usually the end of the snow clearing where most skiers start up towards Rishiri’s summit via the classic northern approach route (route details here). Just skin across the fields directly in front of the hostel, and link up to the snowed-in cycle path that will lead you directly to the onsen.

The owners are true mountain lovers. While they are not big backcountry skiiers, their summer offerings include nature tours and photography trips. They offer free transfer to and from the ferry terminal, as well as free transfer to and from the hostel to the onsen/campground start to the northern classic approach to Rishiri-zan. Depending on schedules, they will also happily transfer skiers to the other side of the island for a goodwill donation. We pitched in about 2,000yen each for this service, as taking a bus would have cost almost as much.

The building itself was never built with winter guest use in mind. The current owners took over ownership and management of the hostel about 6 years ago, and have been slowly upgrading the facilities. “From March till October, the hostel is perfection,” the owner told us. “In deep winter though, it is a constant battle against frozen pipes and the cold. That’s why we don’t officially open to the public till March,” he said. They told us they plan to upgrade the showers, windows, and outer cladding this year.

The hostel also has washing machines for laundry available for use for a small fee.

Sleeps 50 people.
Official contact
Rishiri Green Hill Inn Hostel (利尻ぐりーんひるinn)
TEL: 0163-82-2507
URL: https://rishiri-greenhill.net/en/index.html
Rishiri Green Hill Inn Hostel

Dorm beds and family rooms can be booked online directly at https://rishiri-greenhill.net/en/accommodation.html, or on a booking site like Booking.com here. Officially, the hostel opens around mid-March each year, and closes for the season around mid-October. For stays earlier than March during the winter season, the owners advised us that they can try to accommodate guests on a case-by-case basis depending on schedule. Contact via their Facebook Page or by email (mail@rishiri-greenhill.net).

Hut Fees

The hostel charges a base rate of 3,800yen per night for a dorm bed, plus an extra 400yen per night during the winter months as a heating surcharge.


Heating: Rooms in the hostel are heated using efficient kerosene stoves, while the common kitchen and lounge/dining area is heated using a combination of a large kerosene heater and a gorgeous wood-burner stove. Guests are generally left to their own devices in caring for the wood stove – add wood as necessary.

Water: The hostel has running mains water and hot water. There are also showers available (included in accommodation price), in separate men’s and women’s shower rooms.

Kitchen/cooking: There is a large commercial-size kitchen with four large gas burners. All cutlery, pots, pans, plates, cups, bowls etc are provided, along with all cooking utensils. There is also a large refrigerator for guest use. There’s a Nicot superette/hardware store/home supplies store about 3 minutes walk away. This store stocks everything you need for self-catering in the hostel’s huge kitchen.

Bedding: Bedding is supplied. In the male and female separated dorm rooms, all bunk beds have their own curtains, lights, and power outlets.

Elecricity: The hostel has mains electricity.

Toilets: There are flush toilets throughout the hostel.

Cell reception: Yes. There is also free WIFI for guests (no password required).


The hostel owners are present and always helpful and willing to assist.

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Special Rishiri Green Hill Inn Hostel  Hut Notes

Guests are asked to clean up after themselves in the kitchen and common areas.

Rishiri Green Hill Inn Hostel Hut Trip reports

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2 thoughts on “Rishiri Green Hill Inn Hostel”

  1. This is our booking information for your kind reference:

    Confirmation number: 1230745854

    This is our current plan that on 20/Jul we will take a ferry
    Is it easy to buy tickets by that day?
    Is it also easy to buy ticket of 利尻A bus tour plan (9:25 ~13:00) on that day?

    CHENG Ming

    1. Hi Cheng, you’ll need to send your inquiry to the hostel: mail@rishiri-greenhill.net.

      This post is just information about the hostel, and is not written by or monitored by the hostel.

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