Teshiodake Emergency Hut

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Posted on Sep 26, 2019
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Posted on Sep 26, 2019

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The Teshiodake Emergency Hut (天塩岳避難小屋) is a basic A-frame hut high up on the approach ridge to Teshio-dake in northern central Hokkaido. It is a well-built hut, but very basic - no stove, water, or bedding.

Last updated Feb 25, 2020


The Teshiodake Emergency Hut is about 500m along from Maruyama (丸山), here, when approaching the Teshiodake summit.

General notes

This hut is about as basic as it gets. As a well-built a-frame, it does the job of keeping the elements out, but that’s about it. The hut is open year round, but winter access may involve digging to access the lower door.

Sleeps 18 people.
Official contact
Shibetsu City Asahi Subdivision – Office for Economy and Construction (Shibetsu-shi Asahi Sogo Shisho Keizai Kensetsu Ka) (士別市朝日支所経済建設課)
TEL: 0165-28-2121
URL: https://www.city.shibetsu.lg.jp/www/contents/1273200880015/index.html
Shibetsu City

There is no booking for this hut.

Hut Fees



Heating: No heating.

Water: Water can be obtained from snow melt around the hut till around the end of June. Treat or filter before consuming. Beyond June until around the end of November, it is best to assume no water at the hut.

Kitchen/cooking: No cooking facilities or utensils.

Bedding: No bedding.

Elecricity: No.

Toilets: There are toilets nearby in a separate building.

Cell reception: Patchy, but yes (docomo/Au).


No hutkeeper present.

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NOTE: For number references to official printed topographical maps, check the main route report ( coming soon ).

Special Teshio-dake Emergency Hut  Hut Notes

The vast majority of huts in Hokkaido are 100% maintained through passionate volunteer time and effort. Even though this hut is funded by Shibetsu City, the day to day maintenance is done largely by volunteers. If you make a visit, please give the place a clean, and make sure to sign the guest book. Always leave a hut cleaner than you found it.

Teshio-dake Emergency Hut Hut Trip reports

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Teshio-dake Emergency Hut Hut Photo Gallery

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Teshio-dake Dayhike (Hokkaido, Japan)

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