Tsurugi-zan Trailhead Hut

Free Hut
Has stove/heating
Has water source
Has toilets
Mobile reception
Accessible by bicycle

Posted on Mar 15, 2019
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Posted on Mar 15, 2019

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The Tsurugi-zan Trailhead Hut (剣山登山口山小屋) is a solid, barracks-like concrete-block hut situated right next to the Kenzan Shrine on the northeastern edge of the Hidaka mountain range. If your mountaineering plans involve any of the peaks on the eastern side of the Hidaka Range, then this makes for a good base for a couple of nights. Replete with mains electricity and lighting, the hut is directly accessible by car. There's a big wood stove with wood provided. For all the services provided, the hut costs a whopping 0yen per night.


The hut is located on the northeastern reaches of the Hidaka Range in central Hokkaido, at around 420m in altitude. It is just behind the Kenzan shrine at the Tsurugi-san hiking trailhead (here).

General notes

The Tsurugi-zan Trailhead Hut appears to be part community center and part mountain hut. It is well-built and well maintained. In reality, there’s not really much point staying here. Unless perhaps you’ve got a peak in the Hidaka Range you’d like to climb, and you want to make an early start. You could conceivably drive from Sapporo to the hut on a Friday night, stay the night, and get an early start towards your destination the next morning. Whatever the reason is for staying, it is a pleasant spot if you don’t mind roughing it.

Sleeps 50 people.
Official contact
Shimizu Town Council (清水町役場)
TEL: 01566-2-2113
Shimizu Mountain Association

There is no need to book – the hut is unlocked and available year round for use by the public.

Hut Fees

Free for overnight stays.


Heating: The hut is heated using a wood stove, with wood provided. When we were there in March 2019, there were bags of dry juniper pine cuttings that made lighting the stove a breeze.

Water: In the non-snow months, there is a mains water tap between the shrine and hut. In winter, this tap cannot be used, so water can be sourced from the nearby stream (treat/boil water before consuming).

Kitchen/cooking: There are no cooking facilities.

Bedding: There are tatami-covered sleeping platforms, but no bedding is provided.

Elecricity: There is mains electricity and lighting. It turns on automatically at nightfall, and turns off during the day.

Toilets: There are toilets in a separate building nearby.

Cell reception: Yes.



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Special Tsurugi-yama Trailhead  Hut Notes

While this hut is managed by the Shimizu Town Council, the day-to-day maintenance falls on the shoulders of the volunteer Shimizu Mountain Association. If you make a visit, please give the place a clean before you leave. Funding decisions for huts like these are made based on visitor numbers, so please make sure to sign the guest book. Always leave a hut cleaner than you found it.

Tsurugi-yama Trailhead Hut Trip reports

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Tsurugi-yama Trailhead Hut Photo Gallery

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