Hakucho Hütte

Free Hut
Has stove/heating
Has water source
Has full bedding
Has toilets
Hutkeeper present
Mobile reception
Mountain bike accessible

Posted on Nov 26, 2018
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Posted on Nov 26, 2018

10 2
Hakucho Hut (白鳥ヒュッテ) is a cute little cabin situated at 448m at the Mt. Muroran trailhead. It is one of Hokkaido's most accessible huts - it is only 15 minutes walk from the Muroran Danpara Ski Area carpark. Its proximity to the carpark makes it a perfect spot for a late arrival to Muroran, staying overnight, and tackling the short 3 hour loop hike to the summit of Mt. Muoran. From January till March, there is some mellow backcountry skiing to be enjoyed from the hut.

Last updated Jul 18, 2021


The Mt. Muroran Hakucho Hut is located about 15 minutes walk from the Muroran Danpara Ski Area carpark (location on Google Maps). This is about 8km north of central Muroran City, in southern Hokkaido.

General notes

The present Hakucho Hut (hakucho means ‘swan’) was built in 1949 (completed on the 6th November 1949). Previous to the present hut being built, there was an earlier hut on the same site. It was built in 1931, but was destroyed by a fire in 1945. According to locals in the area, the original hut was two stories, with a floor area of 6 by 8 meters on each floor (source). The present hut is similar in size, and will sleep 50 people in a pinch (30 comfortably). Since March 2021, the hut is now under management by the volunteer Hakucho Hyutte Friendship Society.

  • Access to the hut: The hut is locked when Hakucho Hut Friendship Society members are not at the hut. The key to the hut is kept in a box next to the front door, closed with a combination lock. As of July 2021, the combination is 0911. Check for any changes to the combination number on the Friendship Society website here.
  • Hakucho Hut Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hakuchohutte/
Sleeps 30 people.
Official contact
Hakucho Hut Friendship Society (白鳥ヒュッテ友の会)
Email: hakucho.hutte@gmail.com
URL: https://www.hakuchohutte.com/
Hakucho Hut Friendship Society

There is no need to book.

Hut Fees

For overnight stays, guests are asked to contribute a 500yen donation. There’s a donation box inside the hut.


Heating: The hut is heated with an old Made in Muroran coke stove that is run on coal. The stove will happily bring 3 liters of water to a rolling boil in about 20 minutes when fully heated. Coal is provided, as are fire starters (white birch bark) and wood kindling. The stove is relatively easy to get going, so long as the ash is cleaned out before lighting. There’s a little knob on the right hand side of the base of the stove – work this back and forward vigorously to clear ash during use.

Water: Water running inside the hut and outside from the always-running pipe does not need to be treated. It comes from a spring further up the trail, but is filtered and treated inside the hut before being piped to the taps. Leave the tap in the kitchen running in winter in order to avoid pipes freezing.

Kitchen/cooking: There is a kitchen with a sink and running water. Guests must bring all their own cooking and eating equipment. There are no gas burners or other stoves except for the coal stove. Do not rely on the coal stove to be available for your own party to use – best to bring your own stove just in case.

Bedding: There is no bedding provided. In winter, the hut gets very cold once the stove is not running, so make sure to bring a warm sleeping bag. On the ground floor there is space for about 10 people to sleep side-by-side on two sleeping platforms. On the second floor there is also space to sleep, but you’ll be sharing head-room with the hut’s rafters.

Elecricity: There is no electricity in the hut.

Toilets: Relatively new, male and female long-drop toilets are provided outside the hut in their own out-house.

Cell reception: There is mobile reception (Docomo tested).


There used to be a permanent hutkeeper, but now, there’s no regular hutkeeper at the hut. On the weekends, members of the Hakucho Hut Friendship Society may be present to help guests.

Related Maps

NOTE: For number references to official printed topographical maps, check the main route report ( Muroran-dake Loop Hike ).

Special Hakucho Hütte  Hut Notes

The hut is funded and maintained by the volunteer Hakucho Hut Friendship Society. If you make a visit, please make sure to deposit your 500yen donation, give the place a clean upon leaving, and make sure to sign the guest book in the trailhead logbook outside the hut. Always leave a hut cleaner than you found it.

Hakucho Hütte Hut Trip reports

Coming soon.

Hakucho Hütte Hut Photo Gallery

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Have you visited the Hakucho Hütte Hut? Thinking of visiting? Please post any feedback or queries here. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Hakucho Hütte”

  1. Ksenia Murray

    Oh no </3

    "The hut is currently funded and managed by the Muroran Amateur Sports Association (室蘭市体育協会), but this arrangement will end at the end of March 2021. Unless there is some other arrangement made, the hut is slated for demolition after this date. "

    I've been browsing all the huts you listed and this one really caught my eye. I hope it's not too late for me to see it some time soon :/

    1. Hey Ksenia, thank you for the comment! We were a bit slow with updating the hut post with the GOOD NEWS that the hut is now managed by the Hakucho Hut Friendship Society. So, it’s still available for use. 500yen per night, and you’ll need to enter a combination code (0911) to get access to the key to the hut, in the box next to the door (if Friendship Society members are not at the hut).

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