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Posted on Oct 1, 2018

Posted on Oct 1, 2018

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Hakuginso Lodge (吹上温泉保養センター白銀荘, 1,020m) is a beautiful lodge perfectly situated for access to a number of excellent ski touring and hiking routes in the Tokachi region of the Daisetsu National Park. As a base for backcountry ski touring, it is second to none. Accessible by car, and already at just over 1,000m in altitude, the lodge has some of the driest powder snow in Hokkaido on its doorstep. The onsen at the lodge and just down the road are also second to none. All this for a paltry 3,100yen (3,250yen in the winter) a night.

Last updated Jan 26, 2024


In the middle of nowhere, near Tokachi Onsen, at the foot of Mt. Tokachi: 43°25’52.4″N 142°38’31.7″E. The closest convenience store is about 30 mins drive away. NOTE: The only access to Hakugindo Lodge in winter is via Route 291 from Kamifurano. Route 966 from Biei is closed in winter from Shirogane to Hakuginso.

General notes

Some people have the audacity to call Hakuginso Lodge a mountain hut. It is nothing of the sort. It is accessible by car all year round. If you’ve ever experienced European chalets and mountain lodges, then it is more akin to those. It doesn’t offer meals, but has a large communal kitchen, amazing onsen hotsprings, a basement gear drying floor, and comfortable bunk-bed accommodation (each with its own curtain). As such, Hakuginso mountain lodge (also referred to as Fukiage Onsen – Japanese website here) is in my mind one of the best accommodation you can find in the Tokachi region in the winter. If it is ski touring you are into, then the ‘ski touring mecca’ (as they boast on their website) that is Hakuginso should be on your list of places to stay. You can literally ski from door to door.

  • Parking overnight: In summer, it’s possible to sleep in your vehicle overnight in the carpark – overnight parking fee is 500yen. To use the onsen, you’ll need to pay the 700yen onsen day-use fee.
  • Onsen: Hakuginso has a massive gender-separated onsen facility which includes outdoor baths (700yen per person if you’re not staying overnight). There’s also a mixed-gender area (swimsuits required).
  • Shop: They sell some very basic foodstuffs such as instant ramen, nuts, icecream, alcohol etc.
  • Campground: In summer, there’s a campground nextdoor. 500yen per night per tent.
  • Public Transport: From JR Kami-Furano Train Station (上富良野駅; location), there is a bus, run by the Kami-Furano Town Bus company, that runs to the Hakuginso Lodge. You’ll want to catch the tokachidake-onsen-yuki (十勝岳温泉行き) bus from the train station and get off at the Fukiagehoyo-senta-hakuginso (吹上保養センター白銀荘) bus stop; location). As of January 2023, there were three buses per day there (08:52, 12;49, 16:31) and three returning (10:01, 13:51, 17:40). Timetable here. The fare is around 500yen one way, and it takes around 30 minutes.
Sleeps 70 people.
Official contact
Fukiage Onsen Recreation Center Hakuginso Lodge (吹上温泉保養センター 白銀荘)
TEL: 0167-45-4126
URL: https://kamifurano-hokkaido.com/
Fukiage Onsen Recreation Center Hakuginso Lodge
吹上温泉保養センター 白銀荘

As far as I know, the only way to book is by phone (0167-45-4126 or 0167-45-3251). The staff speak marginal English overall, so be prepared to be patient (see the comments section for one visitor’s experience with booking in English over the phone). Saturdays and Japan public holidays are super busy in the January/February winter months, so it can be best to book ahead.

Hut Fees

A night in a bunk bed (12 to a room) costs 3,100yen. In winter, there’s an extra 150yen heating surcharge on top of that.


Heating: The lodge is well heated in winter.

Water: The full-service kitchen has plenty of sinks and taps.

Kitchen/cooking: The large communal kitchen can handle about 10 people cooking at once. There are four or five large gas hobs which require a 100yen coin to operate. There are communal fridges/freezers, as well as microwaves and boiling water dispensers. Cutlery, plates, bowls, chopping boards, pots, pans…everything is provided. If you have a small portable table-top gas hob (like this), it might be worth bringing it if you’re visiting on the weekend; the kitchen can get busy, and having the ability to cook at your own table is a plus.

Bedding: All the bunk beds have their own curtains. They are essentially like your own capsule (if you’ve ever stayed in a capsule hotel). They have a large shelf at the end for storage of gear. Guests are provided with pillows, a blanket, and sheets. For particularly large groups, there are a couple of large tatami rooms. I am not sure what the booking procedure is for these rooms.

Elecricity: Yes.

Toilets: Flush toilets with the all-important remote-controlled bidet.

Cell reception: Yes. There is also free WIFI available in the lobby.


Staff are present 24 hours.

Related Maps

NOTE: For number references to official printed topographical maps, check the main route report ( Sandan-yama Ski Touring ).

Special Hakuginso Lodge  Hut Notes

A 10 minute walk down the road will get you to the Fukiage open-air, free, wild onsen (here). Hakuginso Lodge is on TripAdvisor here.

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8 thoughts on “Hakuginso Lodge”

  1. We stayed here for 2 nights and did Tokachidake and Sandan-yama, very kind staff and such good value here. Maybe just worth a mention that the back road gate from Biei/Shirogane Falls was closed and said that it will be open by April 22, so we had to detour and go towards Kamifurano way instead.

    1. Great to hear you had a good time! Yes, good point about the access road – the Route 291 is the only option in winter. I’ve updated the post to make this clearer – thank you for the feedback (and sorry you had to find out the hard way).

  2. I got a booking in broken english via phone, then realised I had booked the wrong dates and the next person I got spoke zero english. Still managed to correct the booking with a few laughs and the help of google translate over the phone.

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